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Elise's 5 reasons to be a Sunshine Ambassador

February 13, 2019

Elise's 5 reasons to be a Sunshine Ambassador

Hi everyone!! My name is Elise and I am the current marketing intern for Sunny & Southern and I am also a past brand rep and campus rep! Having the experience of participating in both programs has given me a special look into the brand and has given me countless amazing opportunities!! I am so excited that now I get the chance to work with the new Sunshine Ambassadors and help them to do the same!


Here are my 5 reasons to be a Sunshine Ambassador!

1. The opportunity to make new friends!

When I was a new brand rep both me and my best friend, Stephanie had applied for the position and we ended up both being selected! We were so excited to get started because that was the first time that Sunny & Southern had done a program like this.  We loved being able to tell all of our friends about what we were doing as brand reps and the endless pictures together were also a bonus. Stephanie and I are both in the Pi Mu chapter of Chi Omega at Florida Gulf Coast University and neither of us knew a lot of people who weren't in our chapter. When we went to our first photo shoot it was so great getting to meet people who we probably wouldn't have met without Sunny & Southern! 

Although our new program is not going to have as many photoshoots it is still possible to meet new people at our on-campus events or even connect with people on social media. During my time as a campus rep, I was able to meet many different women who were not even from Florida and it was so cool to connect with them on Instagram!


2. Boost Social Media Presence

When I became a rep I never thought of myself as a "social media marketing pro" but knew the basics of how to work Instagram and Facebook and I knew that a majority of my followers, enjoyed greek letters and monograms as much as I do. This made it easier for me to make posts and get other people excited about Sunny & Southern and Sorority Lane!

You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to what to post and you’ll also learn what works best for you and hopefully you’ll find social media marketing to be fun! After this program, I learned not only the best ways to market Sunny & Southern but how to market myself on social media!


3. Cute photos!!

Whether you get a chance to attend a Sunny & Southern photoshoot or not this will give you an opportunity to go out and take super cute photos that you can share with all of your friends and family!

I mean come on who doesn’t love to update their Instagram with cute pictures!!


4. The opportunity to be featured on the @SunnynSouthern and @Sorority_Lane Instagram pages and all of our other social media platforms!

5. Sunshine Starter Kit and Sunshine Surprises


This was honestly one of my favorite parts!! When you are selected as a Sunshine Ambassador we will send you a link to a secret sale of select items that you can purchase! After you make your initial order Sunny & Southern sends you a Sunshine Starter kit!! It is full of stuff that you may need to market the brand successfully! 



















Interested in Applying?

All you have to do is fill out the application that is on our website!

It is on the bottom of the homepage labeled "Sunshine Ambassador Program"

or you can use the link down below!! 



Elise Brauch

Summer 2018 Brand Rep

Fall 2018 Campus Rep

Spring 2019 Marketing Intern



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