Savannah's Guide to Becoming a Big

November 23, 2018

Savannah's Guide to Becoming a Big

Big Little Season can be one of the most hectic times for all the new “bigs” or “big sisters” in their sorority. For those less familiar with the process, becoming a big sister means that you will be taking on the responsibility of mentoring a “little” or “little sister,” someone who is a new member in the organization. The big sister is often a year older but sometimes more or less, just someone who has been in the organization for at least one year already.

After a few weeks or so organizations go through a mutual selection process where bigs and littles get matched together. It is after this that we, Sunny and Southern, come into the picture! After the big sister finds out who her little sister is she spends nearly a week spoiling her with little gifts and clues as to who she is (the big sister is a surprise to the little sister). Sunny and Southern offers so many great Greek gifts that we can easily be your one stop shop for big little shopping. From key chains, to cups, to shirts, to blankets, we can do it all for you. This year was the first year that we started offering Greek Bundles. These Greek Bundles are great for gifts for any season but we felt like it made shopping for big little season SO much easier. We offer four different bundles, each one a little bigger than the next.


Each of these items in the bundle can be purchased separately as well but the convenience of the bundle is just so hard to pass up! It is a great quality gift and sold at a much lower price than if you were to buy the items separately.

Greek letters can also be hard to find sometimes since they aren’t offered in many local stores but you’re in luck, Sunny and Southern has exactly what you need. The letters can be purchased as plain wood which gives you (the big sister) the opportunity to decorate them specifically for your little sister. And if you are a local in the Fort Myers area, we offer them in store so you can see exactly what you will be getting which is a great perk in picking out the size.


Disclaimer: Sunny & Southern doesn’t decorate wooden monograms

Finally, it is coming time for your little sister to be initiated as an official member of your sorority which is one of the greatest joys I found as a big sister. Some sororities require that specific gifts be given to little sisters on their initiation day but not all do this. Common gifts to give to your little though on this special day is usually a double stitch shirt and a blanket with the organization's letters on it. Double stitch shirts can also be personalized making it the perfect style and fit for your little.

** insert blankets **

To learn more about creating the perfect double stitch shirt, head over to read all about it in Savannah’s Guide to  …

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